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Dear Backers, we are almost there! 


We know you have been waiting patiently through December and we're really appreciating your patience. We have almost all of the parts ready to go, the only one left is the ceramic caseback. The material proves to be a bit more challenging to work with than expected. 


We are sorry for the delay. We’re committed to deliver the highest quality watch, one that will make both, you and us, proud. We`re sure you’ll understand - we really don't want to cut any corners here.


Please hold on just a little bit more! 

We’re aiming for a February delivery.


Happy New Year!

WeChat Image_20200108135523.jpg

The trouble maker - steps of improvement... Almost there!

WeChat Image_20200108135515.jpg

Much better shape definition and brighter, whiter colour.


Dear Backers!

Thank you for being so patient with us. We're trying our best to complete and deliver the watch to you as soon as possible.

After our visit to the factory, we've had to reject a few parts, and unfortunately that will cause a delay - we should now be able to send out the watches from the week of 6th January.

We don't want to sacrifice the quality - we're sure you'll understand.

The parts in question are the crown, ceramic caseback

and the black case. 

The crown colour is more pink than NASA red.
Ceramic parts needs finishing.

Black case is not dark enough. 

Those parts need to be fixed, the colour properly matched and the finishing applied according to our specifications.


We have some good news too (to make up for the delay :)

We've managed to negotiate the full Sapphire Glass! Yes! 

All watches are upgraded to Sapphire instead of Mineral Glass :)

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